About Us

Welcome to Alaph.net!

This website has been created based on my passion for anything related to technology. I am particularly interested in the more futuristic and not so common part of technology, with things like augmented reality and virtual reality high on my radar, but also other lesser popular things like cryptocurrencies and the technology behind them.

Therefore, I have decided to share my passion with those who are ready to listen. This is how alaph.net was born.

What does “alaph” mean?

This is the first letter of the Syriac alphabet. I don’t think it has a particular meaning (but hopefully people who better know the culture can correct me if I am wrong). However, when I stumbled upon this term during one of my random digs through the endless world wide web, I really liked the way it sounds. I always kept the information – this name – in the back of my head.

And, when I started thinking about a name for my technology blog, I thought I should use it. Since this blog is all about futuristic technology and concepts – or at least innovative techs that are just starting up – I considered it a great fit. The first letter of the alphabet. The beginning. Fits like a glove!

So now you know a bit of trivia about the meaning of “alaph” and you also know what this blog is all about. Now start reading and enjoy all the wonderful things that the future and technology have in store for us!